Now accepting Bridge Cards

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Michigan SNAP Benefits (Bridge Cards)

The Milford Farmers’ Market has been accepted by FNS (Food and Nutrition Service) for authorization with the handling of electronic SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) via the Michigan Bridge Card benefits for our farmers market. The Milford Farmers’ Market is conscious of the changing demographics in our surrounding area; and is committed to increase and engage our community and help diversify our market customers by offering EBT Bridge Card (food stamps) capability.
  • EBT Bridge Cards/Food Stamps can buy the following items: vegetables, fruit, dairy products, meat, eggs, bread, jam, and pastries. They may also buy seeds or plants that produce food (i.e.: tomato or parsley plants). Flowers, shrubs, and other non-edible plants cannot be purchased with EBT Bridge Card/Food Stamps.
  • EBT Bridge Cards/Food Stamps cannot buy the following items: hot food, cut flowers, decorative plants, and pet food or non-food items.

Double UP Food Bucks

  • Bring your Bridge Card to the farmers market office or information booth before you shop.
  • Buy EBT-Eligible Foods at the market with your EBT dollars.
  • We’ll match what you spend with free Double Up Food Bucks – up to $20, every market day. Use them right away or later on to buy fresh FRUITS AND VEGETABLES grown in Michigan!
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