Vendor Information

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Vendor Guidelines

  • All vendors must carry liability insurance that covers them off-premises.  
  • All food and food products offered for sale shall be from sources approved or considered satisfactory by the Oakland County Health Department and the Michigan Department of Agriculture.  
  • All vendors shall post a sign no smaller than (8 x 10) with their name, location of their business at their stall (all signs are subject to the approval of the Market Manager).  
  • All food and products offered for sale at the Market must be grown in Michigan or made by the vendor who offers the person(s) listed on the vendor application.  
  • M.F.M. has final approval of sale items. Vendors will be contacted at the time of approval and it will be determined which items will be permitted at market. 
  • M.F.M. has the right to terminate vendor participation at its sole discretion. No refunds will be given in the event of termination.  
  • The receipt of an application is not a contract between the vendor and the M.F.M. It does not guarantee your participation.  
  • Upon acceptance to the market, a finalized product list must be supplied to M.F.M., after which point all changes must be approved by the M.F.M.  
  • It is against M.F.M. policy to supplement your products with any that are produced by others not listed on your vendor application.  
  • All vendors will be required to provide a product list with prices at the start of the season, and update those prices as often as necessary. No price changes are allowed on day of market.  
  • All Organic products for sale at your space must display a sign, at least 4x6, identifying it as certified or local organic. This is to assure that proper product labeling protects the producer & consumers from false advertising.
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